Monday, September 01, 2008

Commander in chief

It's true, I actually heard a McCain flack cite Sarah Palin's experience as the commander of the Alaska National Guard as a reason why she is qualified to be President. No shame.

Have you noticed that, despite the GOP and media excitement over Palin, the dynamic of the race has changed in the last few days? To begin with, the GOPhers are now on the defensive over what was probably their most effective issue--the claim that McCain's greater experience justified his election. Not only has he saddled himself with a laughably untested running mate, but he's now up against a team of Obama and Biden that, combined, has more experience, intellect, eloquence and humor than the Republicans.

Speaking of humor, McCain, who was once the happy warrior, has become increasingly testy and combative. Not a good sign for the Republicans. McC's only chance is to be an effective counter-puncher; increasingly, he looks slow and, yes, old.

If you didn't get a chance to see Obama and Biden on Sixty Minutes, last night, take a look on line. From our admittedly biased perspective, the look like a terrific team.

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