Monday, September 08, 2008

Family values?

Struggling to accept that her child would be born with Down syndrome and fearful of public criticism of a governor’s pregnancy, Ms. Palin had concealed the news that she was expecting even from her parents and children until her third trimester.

Before her son was born, Ms. Palin went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his arrival would not compromise her work. She hid the pregnancy. She traveled to Texas a month before her due date to give an important speech, delivering it even though her amniotic fluid was leaking. Three days after giving birth, she returned to work.
The New York Times

A few weeks after he was elected to the Senate at age 29 (the Constitution requires Senators to be 30, so that is as young as you can be and be elected--and then only if you will turn 30 before the first Monday in January), Joe Biden's wife and year-old daughter were killed in a traffic accident. His two sons, 2 and 3, were seriously injured. Biden considered resigning his seat in the Senate before being sworn in, but decided to serve after his mother promised to take care of the boys. Biden promised to come back to Wilmington, a 2-hour train ride, every night, which he has done for the past 29 years.

And which is the party of family values?

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