Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calling all Hillary supporters

So the Repubs think they can attract some of Hillary's voters, because they put Sarah Palin on the payroll, err, ticket.

This will certainly energize those who supported Hillary: When Palin was governor of Wasilla, Alaska, the town forced rape victims to pay for rape kits and tests. Wasilla was the only town in the state to charge victims. It did so until the state passed a law--which was done, according to Tony Knowles, a Democrat who was governor at the time, because of what Wasilla was doing--to outlaw the practice. Wasilla's police chief (who had been appointed by Palin after she fired his predecessor) defended charging the victims by saying, ""I just don't want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer."

Oh, yes, electing Palin would be another blow for women's equality! At least if you mean that women can be as mean-spirited, cynical, and nasty as any man. But we already knew that, right?

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