Saturday, September 27, 2008

Running up on the rocks

If you're not a close reader of political blogs, you may have missed this, but a number of right-wing commentators are out after Sarah Palin. Kathleen Parker, in National Review Online, says flatly that she should go

Remember all the fuss over Palin, how she was THE story? Seems a long time ago, right?


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

George Will also took a pretty good shot at McCain last Sunday on This Week, and Monday in the Times.

David Brooks is dying hard, but he too has begun to show signs of displeasure with McCain.

I'm still concerned about the only slightly buried racial prejudice in many people. I can think of no other reason why the polls are still so close.

The Old New Englander said...

As I've suggested before, many people are waiting to make up their minds, and that's perfectly rational; they know that they are making a very important choice, and they need to vet Obama before they vote for him. As for racism, every day, more and more Americans forege that Barack is black. That is, they see him enough to think of him as a person, not as a black person.