Sunday, September 14, 2008

Basic values

TPM has a post with a comment from a reader. Part of it is this:
Campaigns offer a direct view into how a candidate will run a large complex organization. McCains true colors, his true moral convictions....are being demonstrated for all of us to see.
Yes. For decades we have believed that--for all of his conservative views--McCain was at least a decent, honorable man. Now we know better. Under the white-hot pressure of the campaign, his desire to be President has erased any moral convictions that he might have had. And if he gets to the Oval Office, we can expect that the pressures of being President will do the same. If, that is, he has any convictions left.

(Did McCain really have such convictions at all? Remember that in 2000, he came close to being Al Gore's running mate, and becoming a Democrat. After that, he decided that his future was in the Republican Party, and became a loyal acolyte of George W. Bush--the result of which we're seeing in Obama's commercials. For at least eight years, then, he's been as malleable as any of the politicians he decries with such self-righteousness.)

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