Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Parting words

In announcing his departure yesterday, Alberto Gonzales (misspelled "Gonzalez" in an earlier post, for which I apologize) said that his worst day as Attorney-General was better than his father's best day; his father has been described as a construction worker.

My wife, the lovely Diane, was repelled by this comment, which to her seemed to show disrespect for the man who brought him into the world and brought him up. I take a somewhat more tolerant view, that the soon-to-be former A-G was trying to express, albeit clumsily, his gratitude at being given the chance to serve as the nation's highest-ranking lawyer. I also think, however, that the attitude underlying his words reveal how the son of immigrants became a Republican, and was happy to consort with Bush, Cheney and the rest of the imperial-presidency crowd.

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TheRiver said...

As a foreign born American citizen, I can say for a fact that the best part of being an American is knowing we have a written constitution - with it's corresponding bill of rights - that the justice system, to varying degrees, tries to respect.

The complete lack of respect that Mr Gonzales showed the Constitution, as a former judge no less, has always left me completely flummoxed. One would think that the son of Mexican migrant workers would see respect for the rule of law and the Constitution as inviolate.

Unfortunately, loyalty to his friend and patron Mr. Bush, seems to have for too long, clouded his judgment.