Thursday, November 23, 2006

Time for Thanksgiving

It's all too easy to let cynicism take over, so it's nice to see some stories that make us realize that there is reason for thanksgiving.

For instance, David Kurtz, at talkingpointsmemo has a heartening reflection on barbecue and race relations.

And The New York Times has a story about an unlikely family that answers a question I've asked from time to time: why can't people from all ethnic and economic strata live in close proximity to one another?

But to bring us back to reality, there's a tale of Thanksgiving scandal that goes to the top of the US Government.


KayInMaine said...

Hi Jon. Thanks so much for coming my blog and sending me an email. I so appreciate it. I've been blogging in various outlets online for a long time and so enjoy it.

About this's not surprising to me that Bush at the very least is faking out the masses when he pardons the turkey and then eats it (or eats another turkey he didn't pardon). Why wouldn't he do that? He's a lying, stinking, liar! It's what he does best.

The Old New Englander said...

I agree with you about W's personality, but to be fair every President back to Truman has gone through this pardoning ritual (there was a funny show about it on The West Wing), I suspect that they've all gone and eaten turkey the next day. Maybe this says something about our culture; I suspect it says something for human nature that those of us who are omnivores can feel a little guilt at killing our food. (Some of my vegitarian friends would say that we should elevate ourselves by not killing our food, but that's a debate I'm not going to get into.)