Sunday, December 24, 2006

Who Said It?

"The system we have in place has caused people to rely upon smugglers and forgers in order to do work Americans aren’t doing. It is a system that, frankly, leads to inhumane treatment of people.”

George W. Bush.

Why isn't he ever that cogent or sensible on Iraq?

Try this one:

“No matter how long we stay in Iraq, no matter how many soldiers we send, the day we leave, the meanest, most vicious, most brilliant man in the country, a man who makes Saddam Hussein look like a baby, will take over and spit on the American flag.. Bush will go down as the worst and by far the dumbest president in history.”

Having trouble? Here's something else this person said, in the same interview:

“When you’re a president who has destroyed the lives of probably a million people, our soldiers and Iraqis who are maimed and killed — you see children going into school in Baghdad with no arms and legs — I don’t think Bush’s kids should be having lots of fun in Argentina.”

Does that sound a little more familiar? Yes, it's Donald Trump, in a wide-ranging (well, wide ranging for him) interview with Maureen Dowd.

Who knew that The Donald thought about world affairs--at least the serious kind?

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