Friday, December 15, 2006

Front Running's Not All Fun

The Manchester Union-Leader (known to Democrats and liberals for years as the Onion-Loader) reports New Hampshire Democratic leaders have invited Hillary Clinton to (D-NY) to speak at the party's major fundraising dinner this winter.

This page has long predicted that Sen. Clinton will not win the Democratic nomination in 2008, but sheesh, this is cruel and unusual punishment.

How many reports do you think we'll see comparing the crowd she draws with the crowds recently pulled in by Illinois Senator Barak Obama (D) last weekend? Perhaps more than the number of actual attendees.

And would you want to be Hillary Clinton, following the charismatic Sen. Obama? She's a very smart (some say brilliant) and competent woman, fully able to be President, but she's not likely to move people the way the junior senator from the Land of Lincoln seems to do effortlessly.

The worst part is that the inevitable comparisons have virtually nothing to do with the campaign for the Democratic nomination, or even the New Hampshire primary, but they may have a real effect on the race as Sen. Clinton's front-runner star gets tarnished.

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