Saturday, December 02, 2006


The holiday season is upon us, so it seems a good time for a contest.

Actually, the holiday season has nothing to do with it. I just thought it might be a nice change.

So, here we go:

I'm sure you've seen Casablanca, the greatest movie ever made in the English language. You've probably seen it more than once. You may, like the editor, have seen it dozens of times. But, do you know when the story occurs? That's the question: When does the plot of Casablanca take place?

To give your answer, leave a comment to this post. If you want to answer anonymously but still get credit in case you are a winner, send an email with your response.

The contest will close at 11:59 pm. on Decmber 10th, but dont' wait until the last minute--the first correct answer wins.

(General answers, such as "During WWII, will not be credited, even though they are technically right. Specificity is required to win.)

AND, we have several extra credit questions:

What wine did Renault drink with Major Strasser?
Who played Maj. Strasser?
Who played Sasha, the bartender at Rick's?
Who played Berger, the Norwegian member of the resistance?

(Let me hear no argument about whether Casablanca is the greatest movie ever made in English [the only reason I qualify the rating is that I do not speak another language well enough to judge movies; I have little doubt that Casablanca is actually the greatest movie in any language]. Some statements are simply not open to debate. This is one of them.)


Marina said...

Casablanca takes place in 1941, right before Pearl Harbor.

They drink Veuve Cliquot 1926
Major Strasser was played by Conrad Veidt
Sascha was played by Leonid Kinskey
Berger was played by John Qualen

Love the blog!

TheRiver said...

January 1943