Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reason to change?

Do you see any reason why a voter would change his or her mind to vote for John McCain? Even the latest change--to tone down the hostility that has been so marked at McCain rallies--is not going to convince any undecided voter that McCain should be President.

Not that McCain has been helped by the administration's shifting positions on the economic crisis. As of today, it appears that Secretary Paulson has embraced the idea of "injecting capital" into banks, i.e., having the government purchase stock. This is an approach that many economists have favored, but that was rejected by the administration just a week or so ago. To make matters worse for McCain, the idea is anathema to that part of his base that views such a step as socialism.

Still, you would think that there are enough professional operatives in McCain's campaign that they would be able to present some argument for their candidate. But no. If McCain dials back on the fear appeal, there's nothing left.

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Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Based on his column in today's Times William Kristol's response to your question would be that McCain might still be able to change peoples' minds if he just fires his campaign. I guess that means the people.

In justifying this move Kristol, by citing chapter and verse about McCain's past campaign mistakes, actually makes the case for why McCain is not of presidential timber, lacking the qualities of decency, integrity, honor and such.