Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too Far

As regular readers know, this page has no love for Mitt Rmoney, a man who embodies many of the most repellent characteristics of politicians who practice in democracies.  And we have suggested that Mitt's experience with Seamus (the family Irish setter) on a famous trip to Canada reveals relevant details about the candidate's character.  (Indeed, your editor had a letter to the editor on that very subject published in the NY Times).  But today's Washington Post goes too far, with a story detailing the Mittster's reported antics as a prep school student almost fifty years ago.  

C'mon folks.  While the behavior recounted was crude and cruel in an adolescent way, can't we agree that what happened so long ago-- at least short of a felony--is out of bounds?  Who of us would want our high school years dredged up to darken our doors today?  And who of us deserves such treatment?

(I realize that some may say that by concentrating on Rmoney's treatment of the family dog, I am engaging in the same kind of unfair assault.    I think that what a man does in his 30's  is significantly different from teenage foolishness that a different standard should apply.  You are entitled to differ.)

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