Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fire the job creators!

Suggest that corporations should pay for the benefits they get from doing business in the US, or that the rich should contribute more for the common good, and Rebuplicans will scream that those are the "job creators" and that charging them more will choke off employment.  (Some of us call this the "bribe the rich" theory of economics.)

Well, if those are really are the job creators, they ought to be shown the door.  Face it, the "job creators" are incompetent.  Have you looked at the employment--or unemployment--figures?  What jobs have those people created with their cushy tax rates and special provisions?  Damn few.

If the "job creators" won't do their jobs, fire 'em.  That's the American way!

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Anonymous said...

So true. The so-called "job creators" have #failed! Wealth hoarding is Un-American. END TAX ENTITLEMENTS for the rich!!!