Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No flies on us

The world dithers while Muammar Khadaffi batters the Libyan people.  It's always easy to find reasons to do nothing.  (My favorite is the widely-heard observation that no-fly zones in Iraq and Yugoslavia were followed by more military action.  If that sounds like an attractive piece of reasoning, look up post hoc ergo propter hoc in your dictionary.)

Meanwhile the ever-shifting eye of the MSM has shifted to Japan.

But think of it this way:  If Khadaffi gets his way, more people will die in the Libyan revolt (in a nation of only six or six and one-half million) than in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami.  And probably the nuclear catastrophe, too.  

The difference is, we can do a lot to prevent slaughter in Libya.

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