Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe I was wrong

Regular readers may recall that I have taken Democrats to task for not reaching out to elements of the Tea Party crowd who are justifiably angry with a system that--even a year into Barack Obama's presidency--seems stacked against the "ordinary" American.

After seeing the disgraceful, racist, homophobic behavior of the Tea Party crowd in D.C. this past weekend--using the ultimate racist slur against the great John Lewis, a hero of 20th Century America, and insults at my congressman, the inimitable Barney Frank--maybe I was mistaken. Perhaps the Tea Partiers really do represent all that is evil about American populism.

Still, I have hopes that there are responsible citizens who were attracted by the Tea Party movement but will now be repelled by the antics of the demonstrators in Washington, and propelled into a more serious effort to change our politics to reflect the interests of the great mass of our people. If there are such citizens, Democrats should reach out to them.

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Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

Au contraire; it's time for any decent people who were taken in by the right wingnut fringe that is the Tea Party to reach out to progressives.

Obama reached out to a fault. Only when he realized, almost too late, that he was being taken in and used did he stand tall and got it done.

Progressives should not spurn any reaching out on the part of those who were taken in by the Tea Party fanatics.