Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now that the dust has settled

I'll have more comments on my recent trip to Europe, but first....

Now that the dust has settled from Pennsylvania, has anything changed? Although much of the press--including the estimable TPM--spoke of a "decisive" Clinton victory, it was nothing of the sort. Keeping her campaign alive was not a decisive victory; it was merely the avoidance--delay, really--of the final failure.

As of today, John Edwards is almost as likely to get the Democratic nomination as Hillary Clinton. Hell, Joe Biden is almost as likely.

(English usage note: In TPM, Josh Marshall wrote, "I'd say the real story is that this leaves us basically where we were. It was a decisive win for Hillary but that was the expectation." I emailed him to note the contradiction and he took the time to write back, defending his usage because of the numbers. Well, no. That's really journalistic sloppiness.)

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