Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On the visit of the Premier of China to Japan

Premier Wen is going to Japan today.

You just told me when.

Yes, I did.

Who is it?

No, Hu isn't going. He's the President

I don't know who isn't going. I want to know who is, but I don't know who is. That's what I'm asking you.

And I'm telling you. Hu is the President of China.

And I still don't know. Is that the same as being premier?

No, the Premier is Wen.

We've been over that. I thought you said it was today.

Yes, I did. But you asked about Hu.

Are you going to tell me?

Yes I did. He's the President.

But who's the premier? Isn't that the guy we started talking about?

No. We were talking about Wen.

We've been over that! I know it's today.

Right. But then you asked who the premier was.

Uh huh. So who is it?

No, I keep telling you. He's the president. Wen is the premier.

I don't think I care any more.

--I couldn't resist!

(For those who don't keep up with these things, Wen Jibao is the Premier and Hu Jintao the President and Paramount Leader of the Communist Party of the Peoples' Republic of China.)

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