Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tricky Dick, redux?

Starting today, the Mint is offering presidential dollars--dollar coins with images of the presidents. The first shows a rather unflattering image of Washington; new coins will be issued every three months.

I can hardly wait to hold the Franklin Pierce dollar! And what about Millard Fillmore? Sure to be popular. And then there's Benjamin Harrison, not to mention Warren G. Harding, fondly remembered for his most famous phrase: "We drew to a pair of deuces and filled," words that well-defined his all-too-short presidency.

The Mint has announced that the coins will go up to Gerry Ford. Hmmm. That means that in 2016, someone will hand me a Richard Nixon dollar. That's right--an actual Tricky Dick dollar. It'll probably slip right through your fingers. It is likely to be the first coin issued by the Mint that's fake money. It will not be a disk, it will be crooked. I could go on and on, but out of respect for you, dear Reader, I'll desist.

Hint to the Mint: Stop with Ike.


The River said...

Hint to the Mint: Stop with Ike.
Who came up with this nonsense? If it's
not Washington I'm giving it back just like
I do with Canadian money:
"No thank you, give me a real dollar."

Boy, this must be irking all the people who
are sill bleating for a Reagan coin :^).

The Old New Englander said...

To be fair, the Mint is posing this as being largely aimed at collectors. But I wouldn't mind a Jefferson dollar, or a Lincoln or FDR or JFK one, either.